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My Story

Vanessa Adade

Junguian Coach

I appreciate you being here. I am Vanessa, a Jungian and success mindset coach passionate about helping women reach new career success and fulfillment levels. I have 15 years of progressive experience in the corporate world and over three years of experience helping people by guiding them to align with their true desires and reduce procrastination, insecurities, and anxiety. I am a certified Jungian Coach specializing in Success Mindset, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Organizational Enneagram. I also use The Tools® method to aid some of my clients.

I've also always been passionate about self-development, analytical, and good at helping others. These traits, combined with my leadership experience and training, enable me to coach women effectively, practically, and profoundly, which supports them in creating authentic and lasting transformation.

I am also a wife, mother, immigrant, employee and self-employed, so I truly understand all women's challenges in their professional and personal lives. I am originally from Brazil but now live in Ontario, Canada, with my partner, son and cat. I've always been open and looking for changes, so they excite me; thus, moving to a new country was not all difficulties. However, I did encounter some.

When I immigrated, I had given up on my life in my country of origin, so I had to take some steps back in my career and life; I had to resort to my humbleness and curiosity to fit in roles I was overqualified for, but I always believed that if I wanted more, I would get it even thinking that my English did not sound fluent enough or that I did not have the same cultural background, therefore, would not fit in or be appreciated.


With resilience, drive, and coaching, I could move forward significantly. In a matter of 4 years, I became a director at a large manufacturing company, and I was only in my early thirties! My results, relationships, and expertise helped me, but the continuous journey I took with the help of some coaches and coaching courses supported me in achieving this new level of success and sustaining it. This journey helped me connect with my unconscious patterns and repressed characteristics. It helped me reconnect with my true self and find fulfilment by learning how to work with it to overcome limiting behaviour and patterns.

Image by Scott Webb

15 years of experience in corporate

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Bachelor in Business and MBA in Finance

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Leader D-Level and Coach for 3 years

I've always struggled with perfectionism, insecurities, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage. Most women may feel this pain more than the average man. It's built into our education, the incentives we receive in early childhood, women's role models, etc. None of it creates confidence, success, and power, or it does until a certain point when we hit the ceiling.

Do we have to accept and conform? We already have so many tasks and duties anyway. Maybe you can hear someone (or your mind) telling you, "Work hard and be polite," or "Don't say no." No, that's enough! Working hard, being polite and agreeable have their time and place. Women can't be defined by the characteristics society expects from us.


What? Do we have to accept and conform?

It would be my honour to guide you through this rewarding journey so you can come the other way. Then you will look back and think, "WOW, I'm confident and proud of myself; look at how far I've come; my career and life fulfil me."

No, that's enough!

My Approach

With this journey I went through, I'd like to share with you my beliefs and what this coaching is mainly based on:

  1. Your current internal and external conditions don't define you

  2. You deserve success and fulfillment

  3. You are capable of lasting change

  4. An unlimited mind gives you unlimited results.

If you feel this is your time to change, click below and learn how you may start your journey of transformation.

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