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My coaching offers personalized programs that empower professional women to overcome challenges, build self-confidence, achieve work-life balance, and develop essential skills for career success and fulfillment. Through tailored coaching, confidence-building strategies, and success mindset techniques, I provide valuable solutions that lead to greater clarity, satisfaction, and success in their professional and personal lives.

Through years of research and experience with myself and my clients, I've curated and combined the most effective techniques to create authentic and lasting change: Jungian and Success mindset coaching, NLP, Enneagram and The Tools. 

My coaching sessions are highly customized as I've seen that every human being is an individual with particular perspectives and needs who is motivated in different ways. Also, the areas of our lives are all intertwined, so expect a holistic coaching experience focused on your career.


Breakthrough Package 

3 months / 6 x 1h sessions

  • 6 Individualized Sessions (1 hour each): Meet with your coach twice a month for in-depth sessions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Direct Challenge Addressing: Each session tackles your current hurdles, providing clear strategies and guidance for overcoming them.


Transformation Package

6 month / 12 x 1h sessions

  • 12 Intensive Sessions (1 hour each): Double the personalized support with four sessions per month to fast-track your progress.

  • Hyper-Focused Problem-Solving: Delve deeper into your challenges, crafting clear solutions and strategies for a breakthrough in your journey.


Ready to Change?

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